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Dropping Into Mindfulness

With Bryony Lancaster

Dropping into mindfulness can be a great stress reliever, but it can also help you in moments of gravity. Words BRYONY LANCASTER

It’s been proven that the pain we feel when we deem a situation as “unacceptable” is more than if we can stay in a space of awareness, and that mindfulness can help manage pain. Recently, I was able to put this to the test. I had just finished teaching a fourweek mindfulness course. Having farewelled 25 happy meditators, I met my family at the beach for a surf before having a nasty accident. It was a shore break at low tide, so not a great combination to start with. I caught a wave and got picked up, turned sideways and smashed into the sandbank onto the side of the board, which got jammed between my pelvis and ribs. It also almost broke my hand that was under the board and me.