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Welcome to Egg of the Universe! From the moment you step through the doors of our cafes and studios we hope you’ll feel inspired, relaxed, welcomed and nourished.

Our yoga classes provide a chance to enhance the physical body through the practice of yoga postures; refine the mind through deep breath awareness and meditation as well as an opportunity to connect to ourselves and our community. Our cafes blend taste, nutritional science, delicious organic and sustainably sourced ingredients, and a whole lot of love.

Connect to self and community through our in studio & live streamed yoga classes. We welcome students of all levels and our classes provide a chance to enhance the physical body, refine the mind, restore, nourish, and calm. Whether you’re brand new or a seasoned practitioner, our timetable has a class that’s suited for you. Read more about our class descriptions or ask us at the studio to help determine the best classes for you. The easiest way is just to start!

We have two great options for new students. A great value 10-Day intro pass OR a 1-month Beginners Program.

new to yoga?

our tips to get the most from your practice with us

If you’re new to yoga or to Vinyasa Flow, we recommend you try our Foundations classes first if possible.
Get comfortable and prepare your space and mat 15 mins before class
If live streaming await the LiveStream link to your email that will be sent 15 mins before the class starts
Wear light clothing something you feel comfortable moving in
Stay hydrated with a glass of water or tea nearby for your practice
Avoid eating 2 hours before class
Turn off your phone so you can leave your worries aside for a peaceful practice
Approach yoga with lightness and fun… this is not a serious practice!

where chair pose meets table for two

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