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Tips to survive the silly season

This time of year can be fun but it can also be stressful and intense for some while lonely for others. If you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed by the chaotic end-of-year energy and maybe indulging in a little too many festivities, here are some practical tips from us at Egg Of The Universe to support you through your day.

Support your liver in the morning with squeezed lemon in warm water
This isn’t good to do all the time as it’s taxing for our tooth enamel but is good in times when extra stress is placed on the liver.

Move your body with Yoga, or mindful movement
Physical exercise helps create endorphins, your feel good hormones, provides stress relief and connects us to our body leaving us feeling more grounded.

Eat good foods
You are what you eat, literally! If you make sure your diet is well balanced, delicious and healthy your nervous system will thank you and you will be better set up to deal with the night time adventures!

Be aware in ordinary moments
Whether it’s lying in bed for a few extra moments or taking a walk at lunchtime, feeling your feet on the ground while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil or your coffee to brew, take a moment to breath more deeply and check in with how you feel

Make time for you
Making time to recuperate alone after any additional events or pressures of work and family is important – especially for us introverts!)

Get enough sleep
Do try to prioritise the sleep you need each night to rest and restore .

Time in nature
This is just the best recharge ever. Perfect for relieving stress, breathing deeply and putting things in perspective.

Gratitude practice
End the day by thinking of a few things you can be grateful for during the day. They can be simple things like, a roof over my head, a yummy lunch, a nice conversation with a friend…the more we recognise the things we enjoy, the more we will attract the same – and we begin to train ourselves to notice and appreciate them when they happen.

Then for the nights where you do let your hair down, these tricks can make the next morning less painful;
Drink liquid chlorophyll before bed (from any good health food shop or supermarket). Add some magnesium for deep sleep, muscle recovery and stress support. And drink lots and lots of water or have a hydrolyte before bed to re-hydrate.