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A Home Studio Setup

Personalising your space: setting your alter

Julia Billington
Setting up your space is more than just rolling your mat out, and switching off your mobile phone. It’s an opportunity to create the type of environment that will support you, and hold you in your practice.
In this short 6 minute video, let Julia talk you through some key principals to setting up your alter: from why you might do it, to what you might put on it. Best of all, you can’t get it wrong. Enjoy!


Week One 30 Minutes

Julia Billington At Egg Of The Universe, we break our Foundations series into 4 weeks, with each week focusing on a different concept, or movement pattern in the practice. Week One looks at Standing Postures, and the benefits they give us of feeling grounded and present in our bodies, warming them up, and building strength - mentally as much as physically. Enjoy! WATCH NOW

Week Two 30 Minutes

Julia Billington Week Two looks at this thing called Flow. We break down the most common component of a Vinyasa style practice, the Sun Salutations, as well as understanding why fluid movement connected to our breath helps us drop into a mindfulness. We explore the ancient art of moving meditation. Enjoy! WATCH NOW

Week Three 30 Minutes

Julia Billington Week Three looks at Heart Openers - also known as Backbends. What may seem like a simple movement pattern is actually a beautifully balanced integration of strength, stability, and flexibility. We start to unpick why this physical practice often affects us in non-physical ways; mentally, emotionally, and energetically. Find the courage to move into a space you (literally) cannot see. Enjoy! WATCH NOW

Week Four 30 Minutes

Julia Billington Week Four looks at Hip Openers and Forward folds. With everything we now know about this practice, what happens when we slow it down, pause for longer in deeper postures, and go in? Using the breath we discover how to stay calm and engaged in a way that keeps our nervous system soft. Hips are our largest joint in the body, and they often hold a lot of our "stuff". Isn't it time you cleaned out the closet, so to speak? I promise you it's not as scary as you think... Enjoy! WATCH NOW

Connect to Breath 30 Minutes

Beth Borowosky Use your breath to quieten your mind and guide you safely into foundation poses. Cultivating a safe and strong yoga practice is like building a treasured home – it must start with a solid foundation. This series will focus on correct alignment and ways to explore your body safely with a deep and mindful breath.   WATCH NOW

Find Your Ground 30 Minutes

Beth Borowosky Connect to the earth through active feet and cultivate strength in your legs with grounding standing poses. Cultivating a safe and strong yoga practice is like building a treasured home – it must start with a solid foundation. This series will focus on correct alignment and ways to explore your body safely with a deep and mindful breath. WATCH NOW

Open Your Heart 30 Minutes

Beth Borowosky Explore the beauty and quiet strength of gentle back bends. Cultivating a safe and strong yoga practice is like building a treasured home – it must start with a solid foundation. This series will focus on correct alignment and ways to explore your body safely with a deep and mindful breath. WATCH NOW

Snuggle Into Hips & Forward Folds 30 Minutes

Beth Borowosky Settle in to slightly longer holds. Use your breath to guide you into hips and forward folds (think hamstrings!) with calm curiosity. Cultivating a safe and strong yoga practice is like building a treasured home – it must start with a solid foundation. This series will focus on correct alignment and ways to explore your body safely with a deep and mindful breath. WATCH NOW

Chair Yoga

Back Chair Yoga

Jan Denecke WATCH NOW

Hips Chair Yoga

Jan Denecke WATCH NOW

Meditation Chair Yoga

Jan Denecke WATCH NOW

Neck & Shoulders Chair Yoga

Jan Denecke WATCH NOW

Side Stretching Chair Yoga

Jan Denecke WATCH NOW

Sun Salutation Chair Yoga

Jan Denecke WATCH NOW


Tonglen Meditation

Bryony Lancaster Tonglen is a Tibetan word that means giving and taking or sending and receiving. This is a variation on the traditional way of practicing that helps to transfer the way we feel. It can help us move from feeling stuck to a place within ourselves where we feel more spacious and with a broader world view. WATCH NOW

Steady Awareness Meditation 20 Minutes

Katy Johnstone This class will guide you into presence with a focus on breath and body, then lead you into an open awareness practice to embrace everything about the environment you sit in. WATCH NOW

Mantra for challenging times

Aimee Pedersen WATCH NOW

Heart Meditation

Julia Billington
Short on time? It doesn't take long to stop, sit, and completely change your frequency that you're putting out into the world. I know things get chaotic, I know stuff doesn't go our way - yet! If we take the time to stop the continuous barrage of stress and meetings and deadlines and PAUSE... we can start to steer towards a different place to inhabit.
Don't believe me? Try it! This is a super simple meditation that will help you feel Love. It's not esoteric. It's not full of complicated techniques or wishy washy language. It's a simple meditation that every one can do, young or old.
Stop. Sit. Tap into Love. Because why not?

Yoga Nidra 30 Minutes

Carly Boscheinen This yoga Nidra has been designed to invoke a deep sense of rest within your body. To settle the over activation of our limbic system by consciously guiding the physical, energetic and emotional body into relaxation. WATCH NOW

Vinyasa Yoga 30 Minutes

Fun centred flow

Bryony Lancaster
With joy at it’s centre, this short but energising flow will help move you from disconnect to connect, from distracted to focused and from lost to found. Moving through a perfectly balanced sequence of standing postures to heart opening shapes and ending with some delicious hip opening postures and a yummy savasana.

Well-rounded Flow

Marnie Palomares A little bit of everything in this slow flow class. Standing poses will include heart openers, twists, balances and shoulder movements to help you move through tension and connect to breath. WATCH NOW

Alchemy Of Yoga

Bryony Lancaster Using the sacred combination of stillness, breath and movement to bring about the alchemy of yoga and to help move us from feeling fractured to whole, disconnected to grounded and to unfold us to a place of stillness within ourselves. WATCH NOW

Creating Stability

Julio Zavagli This practice is designed to invite you to create stability in the poses. Rather than go to your limit and try to reach the most flexible version of yourself in this class Julio invites you to find a stable body and breath to guide you to create a stable mind. You will use the asanas as a doorway to calm the mind and experience an unshakable Self.` WATCH NOW

Cultivating Energy

Julio Zavagli Energy is the fuel that runs our life. The breath is the first and most important way to build our energy. In this class the focus is on cultivating Prana (vital force) and the asanas support this process. When we combine poses, breathing and meditation we will experience the state of Yoga. WATCH NOW

Heart Opening

Jan Denecke
A short but juicy heart opening practice with deep attention for core and muscle engagement to help you open your heart in strength.

Side Bending Flow

Karolina Szymala
This class starts with Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing ) and focuses on balancing the right and left main energy channels bringing the nervous system into a place of equilibrium.

Vinyasa Yoga 45 Minutes

The Beckoning Space In-between

Sam Belyea The Madhya is the space between any two things, where everything comes from and everything returns to. A beckoning space & spaciousness that reminds us that even between two breathes there is a place to rest and simply be. WATCH NOW

Yang / Yin - For Runners + Riders

Katy Johnstone A balanced class to gently open the lower body, before some longer stretches into the hips, hamstrings and outer seams! This practice will soothe the adrenals, whilst nourishing and calming the adrenals... Making sure we re-set and restore the mental headspace that works so hard to push us through dynamic exercise. WATCH NOW

Spicy Flow

Katy Johnstone This is a heat building class designed to leave you feeling energised and revitalised. Expect some spicy variations, steady transitions and a chance to be reminded the physical and mental strength you have within. WATCH NOW

Twisting Flow

Julia Billington A juicy flow designed to twist and rinse you out! Modifications always available, although plenty of spice in here to make you sweat. What's that famous phrase? Detox to Re-tox? Enjoy this pulsing flow to energise, balance, and smile! WATCH NOW

Happy Hips & Happy Heart

Marnie Palomares This slow mindful flow sequence offers balances and standing pulsations to strengthen your legs and open your hips. Shoulder, neck and spine mobility will be infused into the practice to support a healthy dose of heart opening throughout. WATCH NOW

Backbend Heart Opening Flow

Karolina Szymala This class is focused on expanding through the heart center and the front of the body, teaching us how to be comfortable with being open and vulnerable. WATCH NOW

Smooth Transitions

Aimee Pedersen This flow practices is inviting an ease of transitions in this challenging time of collective transition. It honours that from the moment we arrive in this body to the time we step out, it is one big transition. Our practice is a way to embrace the reality that we never  “land” in a place that is ideal. But rather, life is movement and we are in a constant state of evolution and flow. WATCH NOW

Essence of Presence Flow

Sam Belyea Dive into the unbroken streaming of your presence. Allowing ourselves to be here with what is here we meet each moment with fullness and arrive back into the totality of ourselves. WATCH NOW

Open Class Legs & Hips

Carly Boscheinen This sequence has been designed to bring heat into the body, stepping into the fierce power beneath the legs and hips. The longer holds have been implemented to keep you grounded in all sensations, shakiness or unsteadiness that comes our way. WATCH NOW

Gently Holding to Centre

Sam Belyea Tuning into the element of earth we remember the steadiness of our own centre. The place within us that holds space for and nurtures all of life WATCH NOW

Vinyasa Yoga 60 Minutes

Discovering the Elements

Jan Denecke We, as human beings, are a biochemical formation of atoms, molecules and cells and share the same atomic blueprint as our surrounding nature. Embody the elements part, water, air and fire in this steady, heating and flowing practice. WATCH NOW

Celebration Flow

Aimee Pedersen The practice of celebration is so often held for a great event that we tend be waiting for in the future. But what about celebrating the moments we have right now? Tuning into the teaching of Satchidananda - being, awareness and bliss, this practice invites us into celebrating everything that we have in the unrepeatable moment that we reside within WATCH NOW

Slow Mindful Flow

Marnie Palomares This adaptable flow sequence invites you to move through mindful transitions and pathways slowly & gracefully. Strengthening standing poses will incorporate heart & shoulder opening pathways. A healthy combination of both hip opening & stabilising will be woven into the practice. WATCH NOW

Yin Yoga 30 Minutes

Into our edges

Bryony Lancaster
Helping to bring us to a relaxed but alert attention within ourselves, this 30 min yin class will stretch out all our corners and edges while holding ourselves lightly in the field of presence.
Including a pranayama breathing exercise and a short sit this is a short but balanced class to leave you feeling at home within you.

Yin - For Runners + Riders

Katy Johnstone A soothing practice for the body and nervous system, allowing you to balance out all the activity from the bike or pavement. This class involves some longer holds for legs and shoulders, that will use breath and gentle meditation to soften the muscles and connective tissues of the body. You will need a pillow or bolster for this short and sweet class. WATCH NOW

Deep stillness - A yin practice

Sonia Scali A very slow and grounding practice to help us drop in and connect. In yin, we hold poses for slightly longer but use the energetic anchor of the breath and the physical anchors of the ground and sensation arising in the body to guide us through the experience of stillness. Spotify Playlist WATCH NOW

Beginners Yin Yoga

Bryony Lancaster This short and delicious class concentrates on hips, twists and heart opening. Focusing on the meridians of Liver and Gallbladder to nourish, tonify and strengthen both the organs themselves and the tissues they run through. WATCH NOW

Hips & Heart Yin Yoga

Katy Johnstone This mini Yin class is here to create space in the lower body and heartspace, helping you to press pause and check in with the quality of your presence at any time of your day. WATCH NOW

Wind Down from Busyness Yin Yoga

Jan Denecke Prepare yourself for a good night of sleep with a yin practice to help you calm body and mind. In this practice you will stimulate specific acupressure points on your body to stimulate sleep. WATCH NOW

Yin Yoga 45 Minutes

Comfort, Curiosity & Choice

Sam Belyea Three touchstones of awareness that allows us to meet and settle into the moment with openness and ease. WATCH NOW

Healthy Spine, Nourished Kidneys Yin Yoga

Marnie Palomares This is my go-to sequence when I feel any tension or imbalance in my lower back. Nourishing the kidney/bladder meridians we will target the back body & inner legs. Your spine should feel more spacious and mobile after this practice. WATCH NOW

Centre with Mindfulness Yin Yoga

Bryony Lancaster
This grounding class includes a five minute Tonglen meditation and yin postures that nourish your whole body with a focus on the Lung and Large Intestine meridians. Interlaced with themes of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, this class will bring you home again, whole again to a more spacious version of you.

Find Your Centre Yin Yoga

Katy Johnstone
This practice will guide you into an awareness of your Madhya (middle point) and help you return to the seat of stillness within. Expect poses that will take your spine in every direction and pranayama to create steadiness and ease.