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Egg of the Universe Egg of the Universe

A labour of love….

We are so excited to announce the arrival of our very first book!! Recipes for life created from our hearts to yours.  It celebrates all we love most about Egg and we would love to share it with you, our community first. 

It has been a labour of love. We wrote it during the first lockdown, just after opening our second studio and under such pressure and uncertainty about how things would unfold with the pandemic. But it showed us that projects of passion can come to life beautifully through intensity, like a crystal created under extreme pressure within the earth.

Working with Murdoch Books has been such a pleasure as was working alongside Alan Benson our wonderful photographer. Lara Zilibowitz, the same artist who painted the mandala in the main studio at Rozelle, illustrated the pages adding a whimsical element to the book. We think you’re going to love it.  

Get yours today!

You can take a sneak peek of what’s to come by clicking on the beautiful image of our book. Please help support this wonderful project and bring a little bit of Egg love into your home by buying your copy or copies (think nurturing Christmas presents) below.

“I want to devour all of these generous, life-giving dishes at once! Bryony and Harry’s inherent goodness and genuine desire to positively contribute to the world can be felt, seen, heard, tasted, touched and experienced in every single moment through their well-loved yoga schools and community-driven wholefoods cafes”
Kylie Kwong