✨ $40 for 14 days of UNLIMITED YOGA ✨

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When we move with focused attention in a yoga class we reignite our internal sense of well being. This gives us a unique glow and the ability to more easily find peace, feel grounded and resilient to external ‘life’ factors.

Join us…

Come to the studio for some yoga and stay for some delicious food made with love! Reclaim the areas of your life that used to nourish your health, wellbeing and everyday happiness!

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Reignite Your Practice for 30 Days


Unlimited yoga for 30 Days All in-studio classes All live stream & on demand classes For sale until 9 April. One pass per person. Non-refundable and non-transferable. Pass will activate from the time of your first visit after purchase which must be by 30th April to attend your first class or it will expire. This offer is only available to those who haven’t visited the studio since October 2021

+ Your bonus $10 Café Credit

We’ve also got a $10 credit for you to enjoy at our cafe (including takeaway).

Are you ready to come back?

Visit two or more times a week and we can guarantee you will feel some of the following positive effects:
✔️ Better digestion (particularly if you eat in our café!)
✔️ A greater sense of relaxation & wellbeing
✔️ Increased strength & flexibility
✔️ Improved energy & vitality
✔️ More restful sleep