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Connect to self and community through our in-studio & live-streamed yoga classes.

We welcome students of all levels and our classes provide a chance to enhance the physical body, refine the mind, restore, nourish, and calm. Whether you’re brand new or a seasoned practitioner, our timetable has a class that’s suited for you.

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If you’re brand new to us our Intro Pass is the best value way to get started at $40 for 14 days of UNLIMITED YOGA. You can try a variety of teachers and classes and start feeling better as you incorporate yoga as a regular part of your life (new students only).

If you join us as a member during your intro pass, you will receive 2-weeks absolutely FREE! Save $79!

best value

$40/14 days

Unlimited in-studio classes Unlimited livestream classes & all on-demand classes New students only

✨ “Thank you Egg of the Universe. You’ve brightened my world. The classes are wonderful and I love being able to practice at home AND in the studio. Thanks for being such a wonderful light in the world” ✨
~ Amanda

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