✨ $40 for 14 days of UNLIMITED YOGA ✨

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It’s time to FOR A YOGA RE-BOOT!

Get back into the yoga studio and feel great!

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Yoga Re-boot for 14 Days

$40/Two Weeks

Unlimited yoga for 14 Days All in-studio classes All live stream & on demand classes For sale until 10 March. One pass per person. Non-refundable and non-transferable. Pass activates from the time of your first visit after purchase which must be by 10th April to attend your first class or it will expire.

Join us…

Our studios are open and vibing and ready to welcome you back. A regular committed yoga practice delivers physical, mental and emotional benefits from day one!

✔️ Feel – stronger, fitter, healthier, more vibrant and energised
✔️ Experience – better life flow, deeper sleep, calmer, greater personal resources
✔️ Live – with access to more space, peace and happiness

This time-limited offer is only available for 2 weeks –
the offer is for you (via email invites) and cannot be forwarded to others

Get your passes now!

Visit two or more times a week and we can guarantee you will feel the positive effects

What some of our recently returned students are saying:
“It feels so good to be back…I feel so much better already” ~ Tom from Lilyfield
“After just a few classes I felt like my body remembered how to feel good and my mind and heart rediscovered focus and calm” ~ Dave from Ryde
“Yoga at home is good, but yoga in the studio is a whole other level” ~ Christina from Newtown