$24 for 30 days unlimited yoga – to start-a-fresh

We have an exclusive, time-limited offer, to help get you back into the yoga zone in 2018. Begin again as a new student and get our 30-Day Introductory Pass at a 50% discount.

How does 50% OFF sound to help kick-start 2018 and get you back into the Yoga zone?

For a limited time only, we’re giving you the chance to claim a 30-Day Pass for only $24.

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Note: This exclusive offer is valid only until January 31st, 2018


30-Day Transformation

Your 30-Day Start-A-Fresh Pass will give you unlimited access.

Visit two or more times a week and we can guarantee you will feel some of the following positive effects

  • Increased strength & flexibility
  • A greater sense of relaxation & wellbeing
  • Improved energy & vitality
  • Better digestion (particularly if you eat in our café!)

Our Space

All classes are held in two state-of-the art studios that will leave you feeling “home again, whole again”. We are uniquely integrated with a nourishing wholefoods cafe with an urban garden setting for you to relax in before or after class.
Other facilities include stylish modern showers, change rooms with complimentary lockers and a members mat storage area.