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Welcome to Egg of the Universe! From the moment you step through the door of our studio (or join us online!) you’ll feel inspired, relaxed, welcomed and nourished.

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Yoga isn’t just a workout.

Suffering from chronic stress, feeling unwell, lacking fitness, and dealing with persistent aches and pains?

If you’re injured – yoga can aid in your recovery.
If you’re anxious – yoga can facilitate relaxation.
If you’re fatigued – yoga can revitalize your energy.
If you’re out of shape – yoga can gradually build your strength.

Try us out – $40 for 2 Weeks Unlimited

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With any offering, you can even practice anytime On-Demand, at a time that best suits you.

“Thank you Egg of the Universe. You’ve brightened my life. The classes are wonderful and I love being able to practice at home AND in the studio. Thanks for being such a wonderful light in the world.”
– Amanda

New to the Studio?

Here’s what to expect

Give Yourself Time: If you’re new, allow yourself some extra time. Pre-registering for the class is the best way to secure your spot, and please arrive at your mat at least five minutes before the class begins.

What to Wear: We recommend wearing comfortable, workout-friendly clothing, and don’t forget to bring a hand towel and a water bottle.

Commit to the Entire Class: Plan to stay for the entire class duration. Of course, it’s okay to take a break if you need one, but we encourage you to stay with us for the entire session.

Hygiene: After the class, please wipe down and return any props you may have used. This helps maintain a clean and welcoming studio environment.

Questions?: If you have more questions or need further information, check out our FAQs for additional guidance!

Our Vision and Values

Weaving together ancient wisdom and modern science along with celebration and light-heartedness we have created a centre that inspires and celebrates community and the best of holistic living.

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