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Egg of the Universe Teacher Training FAQ’s

Who is teaching the course? You will be guided through this training by our incredible team of experienced and passionate senior teachers at Egg of the Universe, including Bryony Lancaster, Jo Gates, Aimee Pederson, Sam Belyea and Julia Billington. What subjects are covered in this course? This training is an immersive experience.  It includes:The history, traditions, and philosophy of yogaAsana and movement as medicine and meditationBreath work as a bridge between body and mind and a pathway to yogaMeditation…moving into stilln…

Yoga Teacher Training at Egg

We’re thrilled to be launching both a full-time and a part-time Yoga Teacher Training course in 2021. Crafted with love, wisdom, and a deep respect for the practice of yoga We are offering both full time and part time options, with the full time pathway from 24th May to 25th June and the part-time pathway from the 14th to 18th October then every second weekend until 25-27th February 2022. No matter the path you choose, our intention is to graduate amazing humans into the world to do great work at this pivotal time. Find out more!v

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