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Studio owner Bryony carefully and lovingly hand-picks all of our teachers, resulting in exceptionally well-trained leaders who offer down-to-earth, humble classes that demonstrate the beauty of yoga in a light-hearted and accessible way. Our teachers are chosen for who they are both on and off the mat, and what brings them together as a group is a shared sense of community and vision.

Adam Lindsay

Aimee Pedersen

Yoga teacher

Amanda Borosak

Yoga teacher

Amy Truslove

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Belinda Harrold

Ben Hampstead

Ben Rudy

Benny Holloway

Brian Taylor

Bryony Lancaster


Carly Boscheinen

Yoga teacher

Carol Knaap

Yoga teacher

Cass Hay

Catarina Aarino

Chelsey Gunning

Yoga teacher

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Egg Of The Universe

Elsa Geelan

Yoga teacher

Eve White

Yoga teacher

Gaby Fearn

Yoga teacher

Harry Lancaster

Hayley Steadman

Yoga teacher

Instructor 1

Jacqueline Lastra

Jan Denecke

Yoga teacher

Janine Mcleod

Jo Gates

Yoga teacher

Julia Billington

Yoga teacher

Julio Zavagli

Yoga teacher

Karolina Szymala

Yoga teacher

Kate Dambach

Yoga teacher

Katie Laurie

Katie Rose

Katy Johnstone

Kaylee-Anne Kosoralo

Kelsey Douglas

Lara Zilibowitz

Lara Zilibowitz & Benny Holloway

Laura Hopes

Lauren Falconer

Leanne Raab

Lis Cancio

Louise Angus

Mandy Scotney

Yoga teacher

Marnie Palomares

Yoga teacher

Mathew Knott

Megan Clark

Megan Simmons

Yoga teacher

Melanie Palomares

Mitch Bonnici

Nanci Katra

Yoga teacher

Nick Ho

Nicky Knoff

Paige Isley

Yoga teacher

Sam Belyea

Yoga teacher

Sarah Andrijcich

Yoga teacher

Sarah Loveband

Sarah Moore

Yoga teacher

Sarah Owen

Shanda Packard

Sol Gh - Karmi

Sol Ulbrich

Yoga teacher

Sonia Nahvi

Sonia Scali

Yoga teacher


Tam Nguyen

Teaghan Alexander

Tessa Tran

Yoga teacher


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Thana Buathong

Yoga teacher

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Vanessa Wolff

Yoko Pembroke