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Yoga teacher

Amanda Borosak

Encouraged and inspired from a young age to live from a place of creativity and love, it was no surprise to those around her when Amanda decided to embark on the journey of becoming a yoga teacher. Growing up attending her Mom’s yoga classes in the suburbs of Chicago, she was enchanted not only by the practice itself but the calm, powerful energy in the room.

After a bit of self-discovery in her growing years, moving from state to state in the US and working as a massage therapist, Amanda made the bold choice to hop on a plane to Sydney in 2009 and never looked back. Completing her teacher training in 2010, her journey as a teacher and forever student has been an ever-evolving one, gathering knowledge and basking in each and every experience as if it was the first.

Amanda offers slow, steady and strong yoga flow classes that encourage pulsation in stagnation and self-expression. Passionate about not only the physical practice but the deep-rooted philosophy behind yoga both on and off the mat, her students are likely to get a taste of this each time they step into the room