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Yoga teacher

Carly Boscheinen

Carly Boscheinen began her journey at Egg of the Universe in 2014. The experience of her very first yoga class made her instantly fall in love with the practice. From that moment onwards, asana, meditation and breath work became a part of her daily practice. As Carly’s practice evolved, it had a therapeutic effect on her and helped her navigate her transition into adulthood. Egg of the Universe became a sanctuary during this period and inspired her to delve more into and learn more about the practice of yoga.

After completing her 350 hour teacher training in 2016, Carly has evolved her teaching style to adapt to the many influences of teachers she has been lucky enough to learn from. Teachers including Dr. Scott Lyons, Mark Breadner and Elena Brower.

Carly is a psychology student in her 4th year diving into research of meditation on the brain-gut link. She believes that both the physical, energetic and psychological practice of yoga functions to mentally train people to become more alive, compassionate and embodied in their human experiences and life transitions.

After she completes her 4th research year and Masters of clinical Psychology, Carly intends to combine the practice of yin yoga and talk therapy as a therapeutic intervention where individuals can safely explore themselves.