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Yoga teacher

Dan Barley

I began my yoga journey 14 years ago, I’d had a hip reconstruction as a kid & was left with limited mobility in my hip/ spine & serious pain when walking which eventually turned into Stage 4 Osteoarthritis (at 34 I was told I had the hip of a 90 year old). I was talked into giving yoga a try to see if it helped the near constant pain I was in…. and it did πŸ˜Š Over the next few years I built up a regular yoga practice & began to experience the holistic benefits of a consistent practice focused on doing the basics well & building stronger, more mobile joints. This was one the first times I’d broken one of my self belief barriers.
From there I decided to see what else I could do & began incorporating traditional strength training, mobility & gymnastic practises into movement into my training which deepened my practise and understanding of my physical limitations & let me begin to truly explore my potential.

After completing my 200Hr Teacher Training in 2018, I went on to study under Brad Hay in 2020 who introduced Ayurveda & Tantra into my practises which have gone on to impact every aspect of my personal practise, teaching style & life πŸ™

My yoga classes focus on a functional flow, connecting to your body, understanding how it can move & how to start to break the habitual movement patterns that cause imbalances & stiffness in the body.

I focus on teaching my students how to understand & own the range of motion they have & begin to explore their potential. I believe that breaking through our self-belief narrative barriers is the key to unlocking a more connected & fulfilled existence.

I’m an advocate for making my classes inclusive for all levels, keeping them challenging but fun, as I believe there should be an element of humour & fun in all aspects of our life πŸ˜Š