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Egg of the Universe Egg of the Universe
Yoga & Pilates teacher

Georgina Louise

I have been walking this conscious path since I was nineteen years old. My commitment to living a congruent and profoundly, spiritually authentic life is not only my dharma, but my unwavering quest.
I have birthed three children, ran multiple businesses, sold multiple businesses, I have been married and then divorced. I have traversed through some dark times and equally dark places only to discover that these times were the very fertile soil responsible for discovering that I am light.

After decades of diving deep into learning how to love my body, deep into understanding my lineage, my history, healing traumas, addictions and finally arriving at this moment, I am ready to share my knowledge, light and love with you all.

I work intuitively, connecting and aligning with my higher self, my ancestors and spirit guides. I work with the divine masculine and divine feminine energies; these energies are the core of who we are, in our most authentic essence. These principals, when aligned, quite literally re-programme and reset individuals evoking a renewed connection to Self, and provide a foundation based in freedom and expansion.

I am a qualified yoga and pilates teacher, completed several yoga trainings including trauma informed for body image and depression. Studied holistic counseling, Ayurveda, reiki and aromatherapy and was born as a gifted medical intuitive. I have run women’s sharing circles and hold sacred space for grief support groups.  Over the years, I have studied under various spiritual teachers, had hours of my own therapy, and have attended countless workshops and retreats.

I bring with me all of these modalities into our shared experience to enhance and invite a reclamation of true Self. Text Block