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Yoga teacher

Marnie Palomares

Marnie has been performing as a professional contemporary dancer for over 16 years. Yoga has been her medicine, helping her maintain a healthy lifestyle and sustain a long career. She believes yoga is similar to dance in its syncing of breath, movement and creative flow. Marnie teaches and practices a slow dynamic flow. With a strong focus on alignment and mindful transitions, she shares pathways and movements inspired by her dance training. Marnie is passionate about the powerful benefits of yin yoga and teaches with a gentle approach and very considered sequencing. What Marnie loves about yoga is how your experience is different every day. She loves the ongoing discovery and connection to your body. She enjoys shaping the practice in a way that honours what your body/mind needs in that particular moment. Marnie enjoys teaching because she is inspired by an individual's journey and progression in their practice, and its potential to influence their life off the mat. She enjoys a space that brings people together to share breath, movement and positivity.