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Yoga teacher

Rachel Fanto

Rachel stepped through the doors of her first yoga class over 20 years ago with a nervous curiosity. That class awoke something, it gave an overwhelming sense of disconnect within herself and stirred a desire to be more connected.
Rachel’s practice continued on and off over the years but always provided a solace and a safe space to counter the pressures of corporate work in Financial Services. Yoga also allowed precious space for self after having children.
Eventually Rachel decided to step away from corporate life and follow her passion in becoming a yoga teacher, with the hope to light a spark within just one person she teaches.
Rachel studied with and continues to be inspired by her teachers Idit Hefer from Sukha Mukha and Maryanne Edwards at Organically Wealthy. In addition, Rachel is also qualified to teach children’s yoga.
Having completed Bachelor with Honours in Marine Biology in earlier years, you will often find a deep connection to nature and science threaded through Rachels classes, with an attempt to distill the essence of some of those big concepts into a single drop.
You can expect a carefully curated playlist, movement to music and a smile. Rachel believes yoga is for everyone and aims to have a class where each individual feels comfortable to come as they are and share in the connection of the group.