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Egg of the Universe Egg of the Universe
Yoga teacher

Sam Belyea

Always fascinated by the human experience and the very nature of existence Sam has transversed through many realms of experiential training, esoteric explorations and academic study, which has developed into a profound passion for psycho-somatic integration and embracing the human experience.

Having practiced yoga and meditation for over 14 years, the weaving of breath, movement, contemplation and meditation has been a solace in her own healing and revealed a potent path for empowerment. 

Sam’s classes are rich and explorative yet playful, threading somatic movement with poetic rhetoric and embodied philosophy. Known for her slow and soul-full teaching style she holds space for students to journey into their own rhythms and embodiment, as gateways to delight in their own empowerment and awakening. 

In this way she feels the practice is a call to come home to ourselves and our original intimacy with the deeper currents and conversations of life.