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Egg of the Universe Egg of the Universe

How to use the timetable

Viewing the timetable

Before getting started please make sure you have an active pass. If you don’t have any available you can purchase one.

To view all the classes coming up at Egg of the Universe navigate to http://eggoftheuniverse.com/timetable or click “Timetables” in the menu at the top of the site.

If you just want to view the classes of a specific location or only livestream classes you can use the dropdown menu to navigate to one of these options directly. Alternatively you can go view the main timetable and use the filters to narrow down the classes you would like to see.

Across the top of the timetable you’ll see the the upcoming dates. If you know what date you’re looking for you can click on it in the top and it will show you classes for that day. You can also use the arrows to the left and right of these dates to view day further ahead or previous.

As you scroll down to the next days worth of classes you’ll see the date in this bar change colour to indicate the day that you’re on. You’ll also notice a green bar to show you what day of classes you’re looking at.

If you hit the end of the classes that are currently loaded, click load more at the bottom of the page to load more classes.

To view the details of a specific class click the arrow to the right of the button. If you want to hide the class details you can click this arrow again to hide them.

Filtering the timetable

You can filter the classes appearing on the timetable to only show exactly what you need by clicking the filter icon that is on the right hand side of the timetable and follows you down the screen.

This opens up a range of options and you can use a combination of these to find exactly what you’re looking for.

You can select multiple teachers, class types and rooms. If you’ve apply filters and want to remove them all just click “Clear filters” to reset all the filters to their default state.

Booking & Cancelling

To book a class on the timetable make sure you’re logged into your account, if you’re logged in you’ll see “Member Area” as the button in the top right hand side. If you’re not logged in you’ll see “Login” and you can click this to login with the same details you use for your MindBodyOnline account.

You’ll also need an active pass or membership for the class type you’re trying to book. If you don’t have any available you can purchase one.

On some classes you’ll see a 2 buttons. A “Book livestream” and a “Book studio class” button – when booking a class make sure you click on the correct button depending on how you would like to attend the class.

When you’ve decided which class you’d like to book click on one of the book buttons. If the booking is successful you’ll get a popup window that tells you it was a success. The style of the class bar will also change and will show you a cancel button and an add to calendar button.

Once a class is booked, if you need to cancel it you can click the cancel button (keep in mind there is a cancellation window). You can also click the calendar icon, select the type of calendar you have and the class details will be added into your calendar.

Your schedule

You’ll be able to see all the classes you’re booked into in your member dashboard. You can cancel and add to your calendar from this page as well.