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Part-Time | 200hrs

Our training is a truly unique, immersive experience. It includes:

‣ 200 Hours In-Person Training
‣ Bonus 5 day Retreat Immersion
‣ Optional Mentoring Program*

Total value of this Training: $8399
Your Investment: $4199*

*Secure your spot with a $500 non-refundable deposit, and pay the remaining balance in full one week before Teacher Training begins.

A hero’s journey culminates with your Self!

Take a journey into the heart of yoga with a team of experienced and passionate senior teachers at Egg of the Universe, one of the most respected yoga studios in Australia. 

This 200 hour training will be a journey of discovery into the art and science of yoga while you will also explore the layers, the depths and the essence of you.

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2024 Dates

Our training starts in March with a 5 Day Immersion. It then runs every second weekend through to July.

20-24 March – 5 Day immersion
5-7 April – Weekend 1
19-21 April – Weekend 2 
3-5 May – Weekend 3
17-19 May – Weekend 4
31-2 June – Weekend 5 
14-16 June – Weekend 6 
28-30 June – Weekend 7 
12-14 July – Weekend 8
27-28 July – Assessment weekend

*Weekend training times: Friday 6pm-9pm.
Saturdays & Sundays from 7am-6pm.

How do you choose the right yoga teacher training?

Highly experienced teaching team
100% In-person (no on-line modules) 
‣ Bonus 5 Day Immersion Retreat 
‣ Optional mentoring programs & support
Highly respected studio 
‣ Internationally recognised Yoga Alliance certification

Then ask yourself…do you connect & resonate with the key teachers?

Bryony Lancaster

Bryony who has been teaching yoga for 20 years is inspired to find ways to blend ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation to create the necessary alchemy to create more space and peace in our modern lives using movement, stillness and breath. To find and practise tools to lessen the stress and suffering we face and feel and bring more joy in every day life. Bryony specialises in Meditation and Pranayama.

Jo Gates

Jo who has been teaching for almost 20 years enjoys teaching dynamic and creative classes, encouraging students to let go of their mindsets and expectations and open up to the flow of the movement and their breath. In essence, creating a moving meditation and a gateway into the present moment. Jo specialises in Anatomy and Physiology.

Aimee Pedersen

Aimee who has been teaching for almost 20 years teaches a strong flowing practice and encourages playful and honest self exploration. Her classes have an enjoyable and welcoming ambience. She believes that by finding moments of stillness on the mat, we can create more space, richness and joy in our lives. Aimee specialises in Philosophy and Mantra

Julia Billington

Playful, warm, cheekily irreverent, and with generous heart; these phrases have all been used to describe Julia’s classes. With a background as an actor and physical theatre performer, Julia is well versed in the power of movement to express, to help us connect, and ultimately to heal. Julia who has been teaching for over 10 years, specialises in ‘voice’ and the energetics of yoga.

What you will learn and live:

‣ A profound and lasting understanding of yoga
‣ An embodied experience of yoga as an evolutionary life tool for healing, integration and transformation
‣ The skills, ability and confidence to teach yoga anywhere in the world with authenticity, passion and integrity
‣ The ability to truly stand in your power and stand out as a teacher
Deep personal growth whether or not you ultimately choose to become a teacher 
‣ Tools to find your true north and to become more connected and successful in your world

Our Commitment to Your Journey

Our guarantee: If you show up fully to this process we will graduate you with the skills and
confidence you need to do great work in the world be at this pivotal time.

8 Week Post-Training Mentoring Program 


‣ Personalised mentoring program including 1-on-1 and group sessions

‣ Hone and develop your skills as a teacher accelerating your experience and leaning

‣ Crystallise your yoga practice and knowledge 

‣ Learn how to carve out your unique teaching pathway and yoga journey

Received as a bonus for first 6 applicants

Enjoy a 5 Day Immersive Retreat in the Blue Mountains – included in your training

  • 200 HR In-Person Curriculum ($4199 value)
  • BONUS 5 Day Immersion Retreat ($3000 value)
  • Optional Mentoring Program $1200*
  • Total value $8399
  • Limited spots available
  • Option to pay in full or secure your spot with a $500 deposit!**

*Receive as a bonus for the first 6 applicants!
**Secure your spot with a $500 non-refundable deposit, and pay the remaining balance in full one week before Teacher Training begins.


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