Our classes provide a chance to enhance the physical body through the practice of yoga postures; refine the mind through deep breath awareness and meditation as well as an opportunity to connect to ourselves and our community.

Whether you’re brand new or a seasoned practitioner, our timetable has a class that’s suited for you. Read more about our class descriptions or ask us at the studio to help determine the best classes for you. The easiest way is just to start!

Sign up for the new student intro pass, try a variety of teachers and classes and start feeling better as you incorporate yoga as a regular part of your life.

Today's classes

Booking a class online

If you have visited our studio before and want to sign-in online please follow the ‘sign-up’ links and follow the path of ‘EXISTING CLIENT’, if you don’t have a password simply click on ‘Forgot password?’.
You can sign up for classes online by following the ‘sign-up’ links on the schedule below.

How to live stream with Egg

On Computer or Web Browser on Phone:

Please register +15 mins before the class to ensure you receive the link!
Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Click on Live Stream Timetable

Step 3. Choose your class and click on “BOOK”

Step 4. Sign into your account using your email + password. (Or create an account if you have never practiced at Egg before)

Step 5. Register for the class

Step 6. 10 minutes before the class starts you will receive an email to a link, click to open…

Step 7. Breathe, stretch and be present

For some classes, you will also receive a Spotify playlist link in the email. This will work only via computer and not on phone or iPad! Note: You will have to have a Spotify account to access this.

Using the MindBodyOnline App

(Download from any app store and find Egg Eveleigh studio… not Rozelle!)

Step 1. Make sure you are logged into your account using the same email address used for all Egg communications

Step 2. Book into your class as usual using the app

Step 3. 10 minutes before the class starts you will receive an email to a link, click to open…

Step 4. Breathe, stretch and be present

Your Intro Pass

New to our Live Stream Classes? Enjoy our introductory offer of $30 for 10 days of unlimited live stream yoga to get you started.

New to our studio? Enjoy our introductory offer of $30 for 10 days of unlimited yoga to get you started. Bookings are essential and please arrive 15 minutes early for your first class.

We offer a range of classes to meet you wherever you are on your yoga path. Please check out our class descriptions page for more details on Foundations, Open Vinyasa Flow, Slow&Strong, Open + Meditation, Yin, Prenatal and Baby & Me classes.  There really is something for everyBODY.

If you are new to yoga, we suggest you try our Foundations classes first.  These classes are taught at a pace that is accessible and steady – appropriate for complete beginners or those who enjoy moving at a slower pace.

Our open classes are exactly that, open to all levels and aim to be both accessible to all while offering areas in the class where you can challenge yourself.

Our Foundations and Open classes are taught in a slightly heated studio, between 25-28 degrees.

Yin yoga is great for every body. Yin is a simple, powerful, meditative practice that nourishes the connective tissues, joints and ligaments of the body and increases flexibility. As a practice it offers a deep opportunity for calm and is an excellent precursor for meditation. A must to balance out the demands of modern life.

Please check the class descriptions here for more details on our classes.

Get Started with Live Stream Yoga! Introductory Offer for 10 days unlimited yoga for $30



Workshops & Retreats

As well as yoga classes we offer a range of regular workshops, master classes, immersions and retreats to allow you to experience the benefits of yoga through deeper levels.