class descriptions


In this four week rolling series, which you can join at any stage, we will look at the foundational aspects of vinyasa yoga.

The Foundations classes are designed for students who are new to yoga. Each class will be well balanced, strengthening and relaxing and will provide a glimpse into the deeper transformational aspects that a consistent and long-term practice can offer.

Classes will be taught at a pace that is accessible and steady – appropriate for complete beginners, while also being challenging for seasoned practitioners who like to move a slower pace. It is likely to be more of a workshop style class with ample time for breaking down the weekly theme. While it will be slower and more focused than an Open class, it will still be representative of the flowing Egg Of The Universe vinyasa style. These classes are designed to build your foundations so that you can safely progress into Open classes with confidence.


Our Yoga

Egg of the Universe welcomes all levels of yoga students, from first timers to experienced practitioners. Our classes provide a chance to enhance the physical body through the dynamic practice of yoga postures; refine the mind through deep breath awareness and meditation as well as an opportunity to connect to ourselves and our community.



Open classes are just that – open to everyone, from beginner to intermediate. An Open class will use the Sun Salutations as its back bone, and incorporate a selection of standing poses, balancing poses, forward bends, backward bends, twists, arm balances, hip openers, and inversions, finishing with deep relaxation. You’ll flow smoothly from one pose to the next, with postures and breath linked to invite a meditative aspect to your practice. Each class will vary slightly depending on the teacher, but all classes will provide insight and the experience of Vinyasa Flow yoga. If you’re brand new to Vinyasa Flow, we suggest taking some Foundations classes first to learn valuable techniques that will allow you to relax into the flow of an open class with more confidence.

Open + Meditation

A meditation practice is something that can elude many of us for years. But try it after a physical yoga class and settling the mind becomes far easier! In this class all the elements of a well-balanced vinyasa flow class will create the foundations for a 10 minute guided meditation to complete the balance of body, heart and mind.


A class that combines both the Yang elements of vinyasa flow yoga and the Yin elements of long slow holds. This class is fantastic for both building strength and improving flexibility of both body and mind. This well balanced yinyang offering will be a treat for your whole body-mind and allow your nervous system a chance to balance and renew. This class will be non-heated but the room will be an ambient temperature during the cooler months.

Slow & Strong

An opportunity to move at a slower pace, allowing your muscles to heat, energy to build and your breath to deepen, giving you time to explore and to feel the gifts of each pose.  A great practice for anyone who wants to cultivate more strength and courage without the pace of vinyasa flow. This class will help develop a greater level of mindfulness and awareness both on and off the mat.



Yin Yoga is the polar opposite to our dynamic flowing classes and a superb complement to the more “yang” style of Vinyasa Flow yoga. Yin classes involve long, luxurious holds in restorative forward bends, hip openers, and inversions. You’ll focus on your breath, and experience deep release as you work through areas of the body that habitually hold tension and stress. Quieting of the mind is the supreme focus of these classes, as you work toward meditation and deep relaxation. A must for all yogis, beginner to advanced!

When we refer to something as yin, we mean that it is cooler, less mobile, more hidden or in the centre, feminine and closer to the earth. A yin practice is mainly stationary and allows for many muscles to soften while exposing the joints to gentle pressure. The longer the body is still, the more Qi (energy) moves through the deeper yin tissues (the bones, connective tissue and the ligaments). As we settle into stillness, our yin aspects of being – our contemplative, receptive qualities – are also enhanced. Yin tissues, naturally less elastic than yang tissues, need to be pulled and compressed gently in order to maintain the integrity of their natural range of motion as well as to nourish the energy of the body.


Our Progressive classes are for those who want to challenge themselves in a safe and healthy way. In these classes, teachers may use more creative sequencing aimed at building the strength and stability you’ll need to explore some of the more challenging asanas in a light-hearted way. The concept behind these classes is to offer students a deeper experience of yoga that will broaden their horizons and sense of depth within their own personal practice including yoga postures, philosophy, meditation and breathing techniques. Bring an open mind and a sense of fun and dive deeper with these inspiring classes.


Yoga can support your health and well-being on many different levels throughout your pregnancy and is an excellent way to nourish mother-to-be and baby within. It’s an ideal preparatory exercise while pregnant, combining strength building with the opportunity to relax and let go. It also offers a chance to practise useful skills for birthing. We offer specialist training in cultivating breath awareness, strength, flexibility and the necessary surrender for mothers-to-be.

Baby & Me

A post-natal class for new mums/dads and their bubs up to 12 months. A typical class includes poses to help mum improve strength and release sore muscles, while keeping babies engaged with songs and baby massage. The classes are fun and lighthearted, with a focus on connecting with your baby and meeting other new mums and dads, while giving your body nourishment and attention.

Private yoga

Many of our yoga teachers also give private classes; just one more way to take your practice to a new level! Please ask us at the desk if you are interested in finding out more about arranging a class.